Starfish Bay

Swim Meet Fun

Swim Meet Activity Book

A very useful, well written, and beautifully illustrated activity book about swimming and sea life topics for kids and youngsters. Find out interesting facts and engage yourself, your family, and your friends in fun activities at home, at the beach or swimming pool! You get a free waterproof bag to keep the book dry and a ballpoint pen to start playing right away. Lets have some fun together!

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Why do people want to live longer? To do the things that make their heart sing! This small piece of software is easy to install and use. It will save you tons of time, quality time that you can spend the way you like! How can software do this? Easy, by giving you back minutes each day, time that you normally spend resizing and positioning windows, rearranging and personalizing your desktop, and other time consuming little tasks! The bigger your screen is, then the busier you are working on several tasks at the same time, and you will find this software more and more effective! See everything at one glance using HandyThing -- an automation tool that saves your energy, time and money! While HandyThing is cheap, life is priceless! Spend it well!

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Swahili Guide

Counting African Safari Animals

A great book presenting a useful and fun way to learn Swahili numbers and animal names while plunging into the beauty of an African Safari with amazing high quality animal photos. It has an extremely useful pronunciation guide helping you to properly say the animal names and the numbers. A journey of discovery and adventure, at the end of which you and your children will be able to identify animals and count them all in Swahili like a true native speaker! Let the adventure begin!

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